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  • Impromptu Life

    It was the first day of the last month of 2015 when I became Toastmaster Richa. I loved every minute of the meeting including the cookies and the coffee except one segment- Table Topics. I used to hide my face from the Table Topics Master. I won more than 100 times as the best speaker and more than 80 times as the best evaluator. Table Topic was a terror for me. Gradually I started winning as Best Table Topics speaker and was able to overcome the fear of public speaking.

  • “Words Have Power”

    We are all blessed to have the freedom of thought and express our thoughts. It is necessary to choose our words wisely. Every word that we utter leaves an impact. This is one thing which cannot be edited, so be careful while speaking. While conversing we often exchange our words in order to communicate. As communication is a two way process, where the sender and receiver plays a major role. We must keep these things in mind in order to be an effective communicator…

  • How to Create a WOW in your Interview

    Prepare...Interview Kit...Grooming...Body Language...Be Alert...

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  • Travelling is Fun

    First impression is the last impression Sometimes it really matters and Communication skills plays major role to make the first impression the best one. 1. To establish a good rapport 2. To express your views 3. To tell everybody what exactly you want 4. To deliver and receive information clearly 5. To produce best results 6. To feel Confident 7. To make things happen

  • Kissa Kursi Ka

    It has become very cold and I often see people picking up their chair and keeping it at a point where their is ample sunlight so that they can enjoy the sun and get maximum warmth. Is this only to get sunlight or their is something much more? We meet lot of people who keep fighting just to get some " position " or designation in the organization. People can fight for years to get that position and even compete with their closed ones.

  • Are you Sad, feeling low or Depressed

    Most of us feel low at times and this gradually leads to anxiety and depression. We don't feel like even taking any phone calls or meeting anyone. We feel like sleeping for long hours in order to shut the door from reality. But does this help?

  • Interviews

    Are you afraid of Interviews? Do you get blank during your interview? Well, don't worry most of the candidates do face such problems. We must prepare well before giving the interview.

  • Happiness @ Workplace

    We spend maximum time at our workplace with our colleagues and seniors. Gradually we work as one family and share good and bad times with them. Some employees are able to achieve their targets in a week while others take more than 15 days. Work pressure and targets results in frustation and depression. This discourages the employees potential to work… read more

  • Be a Winner

    Wheresoever you are. You have to win to prove yourself. You have to win the race of life as it is just one life. Life does not have the edit option neither we can format it and install the things according to our wish. Before this life comes to the end, you have to win at every stage of life.… read more

  • Success Mantra

    There is no shortcut to success. When you do good to others, it comes back to you right then or later. Success usually comes to those who are too busy looking for it. To be successful you have to use each day as an opportunity to improve, to be better, to get a little closer to goals. You must have… read more