Are you Sad, feeling low or Depressed

Most of us feel low at times and this gradually leads to anxiety and depression. We don’t feel like even taking any phone calls or meeting anyone. We feel like sleeping for long hours in order to shut the door from reality.

But does this help?

Yesterday we had a lengthy conversation on ” How to reduce the number of suicide cases”. In which lot of educationists, Soft Skills Trainers, Students, Entrepreneurs and Housewives participated. Depression is one major reason which leads to suicide. In this rat race of becoming successful nobody has the time to listen. No one wants to spend time with family, closed ones or neighbours. People think it is time wastage and could have earned lot of money in that duration instead.

In schools children have lot of things to share but they are not allowed to talk. At home parents are busy working or in their own engagements hence don’t have time. Friends and peer only like to meet when you invite them for party.

Have you ever wondered what kind of problems such people go through. Parents are the only ones who understand their children and not Psychologists or Psychiatrist. The professionals might use tools or try to counsel but believe me parents are the ones who can solve such problems.

Please spend time with family and friends and discuss your problems. We know that generation gap is there but we must understand that that they have already gone through the problems what the children are facing.

Everybody should be empathetic with everyone. No body knows what kind of problems the other person is going through. Spend time with the positive people as we have to stay motivated and happy. A person can only learn and perform best if he is happy.

Let us try our level best to spread positivity and happiness and not let anyone feel sad or low. Make sure to encourage everyone and show brighter side of life to everyone. Remember this is just one life……

Keep Smiling Keep Learning

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