Happiness @ Workplace

We spend maximum time at our workplace with our colleagues and seniors. Gradually we work as one family and share good and bad times with them. Some employees are able to achieve their targets in a week while others take more than 15 days. Work pressure and targets results in frustation and depression. This discourages the employees potential to work and thus impacts the productivity to work. The company and the owner suffer huge loss because of this reason.

“ Happiness inspires productivity,” we all know that. But still we give up and become frustrated and irritated. Some people also fall in the trap of lifestyle diseases- Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart Problems etc. The aim is to be successful so that we get peace and happiness. We think that if we reach heights and be successful we will get peace and contentment and will be happy. Do you know, this is a myth. It is just the reverse, if you are happy then you will be successful and attain peace of mind.

To be successful it is very important to be happy. Success at work starts when you are happy and positive. Pay, opportunity, recognition, infrastructure, colleagues, commute, organizational culture, brand’s reputation in the market are few reasons that makes the employees happy or unhappy.

To remain happy one must learn the art of keeping oneself happy and master it. We should not blame the circumstances for not being calm and happy. Happiness comes from within and we have the remote control to manage that. The management must remember that they are working with humans and not machines. They must treat every employee with respect as “ respect can never be demanded”. Problems relating to work should be dealt immediately and required action should be taken. Employees should be allocated task based on their domain and interest so that they enjoy their work. In free time only positive and work related issues should be discussed. We must remember that we are not at home and personal problems and negative things kill the energy and time. In order to make sure that employees are managing time effectively the employer should conduct employee engagement and fun activities once a week. Motivational Speakers should be invited and once a week the respective heads should have lunch together. This is the best time to have informal conversation with the team members and employees feels that they are been taken care of. Once or twice a year , events should be organized in which family members should be encouraged to participate. The training department should also invite few senior citizens from the families of employees. This will not only give them sense of pride but will also motivate them internally to put sincere efforts. Every organization grows as “WE” and not “ME”, treat every employee as one of the most important part of the organization.

Lot of companies spend huge amount of money to conduct employee engagement activies to make sure that they are happy. Shree Cement, Havells, Airtel, Genpact, Bajaj, M3M, ONGC, are few where I have myself delivered Training sessions. Even Universities and schools make sure that the staff is happy. Excelsior American School, University of Petroleum & Energy Studies, Dehradun Institute of Technology , Institute of Management Studies are few educational institutions where I have conducted Faculty Development Programs. The main objective of the management was to spread happiness and positivity. As per ‘ Business Today “ , 22nd March 2019, Finland is the happiest country amongst 156 countries surveyed by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network. Our country India is at 140 rank which is not good.

Excess of anything is bad and is treated as a poison. If employees are too happy then it may stop innovation and growth. So happiness should be well balanced and communication skills should be monitored. Negative words should not be allowed and we must choose our words wisely. Posters and pictures with motivational quotes should be displayed. Some companies start their day by prayer performed by all the employees. Shree Cement and Central Bank are two places where I have witnessed personally as I have conducted lot of training programs for them.

Today’s time of multitasking and smart phones have not only made us smart but has given us a challenge to maintain the work-life balance. Happiness being the key for the well being of humans plays a major role. So we must spend some time in introspection and measure our happiness.

Let us contribute our bit to make our country a happy and growing place where everybody is full of positivity and success.

Stay Happy Stay Healthy Stay Positive…..

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