Kissa Kursi Ka

It has become very cold and I often see people picking up their chair and keeping it at a point where their is ample sunlight so that they can enjoy the sun and get maximum warmth. Is this only to get sunlight or their is something much more? We meet lot of people who keep fighting just to get some ” position ” or designation in the organization. People can fight for years to get that position and even compete with their closed ones.

Do you also think that this fight is worth? Most of the time they are left alone and or have few friends who understand them. Some people even spend more than 10 years in just fighting to get power and position. Just be be in good books of people they forget that they need to understand their own family first. Everybody must set priorities in life instead of just wasting their time and energy in fighting for something that will not add value in their life.

I really hope that people should only fight for chairs to get the warmth of sunlight and not become selfish and egoistic. We should try to focus on our dreams rather than something which is not letting us follow the right path.

Fight for the Kursi only if it is helping you to make friends, get love, create bonding, spread happiness and you are learning everyday….

Keep Learning Keep Shining…..

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