“Words Have Power”

Words have the ability to create a moment and the strength to destroy.

We are all blessed to have the freedom of thought and express our thoughts. It is necessary to choose our words wisely. Every word that we utter leaves an impact. This is one thing which cannot be edited, so be careful while speaking. While conversing we often exchange our words in order to communicate. As communication is a two way process, where the sender and receiver plays a major role. We must keep these things in mind in order to be an effective communicator…

  1. Listen

Listening is an art, bit difficult for some. It is very important to listen before we speak. As an employee , you must be alert and listen to the instructions given by your Boss. A student must listen to the question asked in the interview.

  1. Think

After listening, we must think twice. Is it necessary to speak or better to stay quiet. ” Silence is golden” at times. Only speak if you feel that your words have logic and are meaningful.

  1. Be Concise

We must be concise and clear with whatever we speak. Remove the unnecessary words when you draft your speech in mind. The instructions should be simple and crisp, so that it reaches maximum audience.

  1. Engage

Try to engage the audience – role play , quiz etc to have maximum participation and understanding .

Hope the above points were useful for you.

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