Special Wow Series – 8th Session

The Special WOW Series, Dehradun hosted their 8th WOW Series Session at Sai Institute of Paramedical And Allied Science, Rajpur Road, Dehradun.

The session was initiated by the founder of the Special WOW Series, Richa , Soft Skills Corporate /Institutional Trainer,who introduced the speaker to the guests. The session kicked off by Saad Ali, who gave a very thoughtful and practical advice on how to make most out of your life by taking command of it.

He added life is like a cricket game where there is no wicket to bold you, no fielders to catch you rather it’s full of opportunities that comes your way, ball after ball. It’s up to you how to take the balls as. The point he wanted to make was, it’s we who limit our abilities to dream high and dream big. It’s we who think we can do this, It’s we who say it’s not my cup of tea instead let me try, If I win, I’ll lead or If I lose I’ll Learn. That’s what matters in life. Keep trying until you reach the goal, he further added.He continued, there are two things that matter in life, first your attitude towards life, how you see things and second your action, what you do to make a difference. The session was quite inspiring as students, faculties, Chartered Accountants, entrepreneurs, artists, freshers all enjoyed the session and learnt lot of things to make their living happy and successful.

In the end the founder of Special WOW Series , Richa, thanked Mr. Harish Arora and Mrs Rani Arora for providing us the venue with tea with yummy snacks. The momos and spring roles were awesome.

She also thanked the Chairman, Major Ranbir Malik, Principal Mrs Sandhya Dogra and Shipra Damir, Dr Sinha, Mr Subodh Burakati, Mr Harmendra Negi, Mr Vikas Misra , Jaya ( BHA II year),Sanskriti BHA III year, Akshay,Mamta and all the people present .A big thank you to all the members of Special WOW Series without whom the session was not possible.

Special WOW Series is a platform to learn, to socialize, and to get inspiration and a lot more. We also try our level best to inculcate values in youth, the future of the nation.

Every week Special WOW Series is conducted with a new speaker with his/her success story.