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Somethings are planned while some just happen- like accidents, miracles and speaking off the cuff.

It was the first day of the last month of 2015 when I became Toastmaster Richa. I loved every minute of the meeting including the cookies and the coffee except one segment- Table Topics. I used to hide my face from the Table Topics Master. I won more than 100 times as the best speaker and more than 80 times as the best evaluator. Table Topic was a terror for me. Gradually I started winning as Best Table Topics speaker and was able to overcome the fear of public speaking.

Every day we speak impromptu whenever we meet someone. Most of us feel that the prepared speech segment is better as we get time to prepare and at least we are aware of the topic. Table topic is a terror for everyone.

To be good at the table topic segment you must feed your mind with rich content. Read books, blogs, magazines to enrich your vocabulary. While speaking try to use personal stories as it helps to connect with the audience. Never try to impress just be natural, speak whatever your heart says. Don’t stop, even if you don’t know anything. Don’t give up if you are aware of the meaning of the topic given to you. Tie a rope, beat about the bush- speak like a PRO. Act like a winner– Be confident and tell your mind that you are a winner. Be sincere- share personal stories and speak whatever your heart says. Smile– is the most important thing you must wear while speaking. This is the shortest distance between two hearts. You have to win the hearts of the people there.

Keep these points in mind whenever you are on the stage. Whenever you are supposed to speak, remember these tips. In a boardroom, auditorium, classroom, interview area, stage, conference hall. Make good use of opportunity and be concise. Extempore speech enhances our ability to think off the feet. It helps in improving our communication skills and idea generation. It is a good exercise and is more challenging compared to the prepared segment. Our mind becomes sharp when we speak on the spur of the moment, without knowing the topic. Presence of mind is the ultimate weapon ,we use to find a solution to every problem.

So next time when someone invites you to speak in the Table Topics segment always grab the opportunity and act like a winner. This will make you a better human in your personal and professional life. Be a Winner Be a Best Table Topic Speaker.

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