Special Wow Series – 9th Session

The special WOW series, Dehradun hosted their 9th WOW series session for 60 minutes at Krishna Medical Centre, Inder Road, Dalanwala.

The session was initiated by the executive committee of WOW club, who introduced the speaker to the guests.

The Founder of Special WOW Series ,Richa was herself the Speaker in this session. Apart from being the Soft skills Corporate / Institutional trainer , Richa is also the Director of Invinciblewow and is in the executive committee of Convent of Jesus & Mary. She is a passionate Toastmaster and loves to travel and talk. She addressed the audience with the topic-“How WOW can take you to heights?” She said that WOW is actually the gateway towards our goals. It provides the platform where one can explore himself and

The essentials of the day were: just like the way one small drop creates an ocean in the same way life is the blend of smallest and these simplest things must not be neglected. A simple gesture of “Thank you” and “Sorry” creates a huge valuable difference to the life. To be successful one needs to work smart and beyond their comfort zone. Life is all about ups and downs because as indicated even the straight line in ECG means that the person is dead. She emphasised on the positive attitude as it is all thinking process and cognitive beliefs that yield the suitable results. She concluded by the meaningful note “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.” The session was a treat to attend and really interactive.

In the end the Executive Committee team concluded the session with a special thanks to Dr. Geeta Khanna and Geetika Sharma for providing the venue and ensuring necessary arrangements. The team also thanked Dr.Vipul Kandwal, Dr. Chetan Giroti, Dr. Ruchika, Dr.Munira Dhasmana, and Dr.Gigal Rastogi for their valuable contribution. A big thank you to all the members of Special WOW Series without whom the session was not possible.