Be a Winner

Wheresoever you are. You have to win to prove yourself. You have to win the race of life as it is just one life.

Life does not have the edit option neither we can format it and install the things according to our wish. Before this life comes to the end, you have to win at every stage of life.

To be a winner you should follow these tips:

·    Healthy Diet– You must start your day with a healthy stomach full breakfast. Don’t just eat anything that is served. Choose the right food, you should add fruits, sprouts, milk products in your diet. Make sure to have as many colours as possible- you may have a bowl full of different colours of fruits.

·    Physical Fitness– Yoga, walking, jogging, swimming, Zumba, Aerobics etc whatever you like, include it in your daily schedule. This will help you to build your stamina and also take care of your looks.

·    Take every opportunity- Opportunities are the gift of God. Take as many as possible and you will learn many things and will become a smart worker. Never be afraid to take the initiative , every opportunity will add value to your growth.

·    NO Excuses– Stop procrastinating your work and set your priorities. If you really want success then you have to take the action at the right time. Stomach ace, head ace, fever , assignments, exams, parties should not stop you from achieving your goals.

·    Train Your Mindset– We all follow what our mind says. Feed your mind with lot of positivity and happiness. Tell your mind to IGNORE those who are negative and DELETE those who are stopping you to do something good in life.

·    Every day – add something in your life– Make sure that everyday counts in your life. It is very important to add something new everyday. Words, quotation, software, application program, friends, fruits, business meeting etc whatever you feel will act like a catalyst to achieve your goals.

Remember to say NO to the following to win the game of life:

·    Saying YES to everything- If you say YES to everything then you will lose the focus on your goals. Time is very limited and if you must value every minute.

·    Multitasking- Do only the task in which you are confident. Focus on one thing at a time so that all your energy and time is utilised. If you do multiple things then you will be nowhere. Specialise in one subject and keep sharpening your axe and polishing your skills.

·    Perfection– Be happy with the imperfections that you have. Perfection does not exist, it is a myth. Keep putting your efforts and hard work to your goals gradually you will achieve the best.

·    Negative People– Make sure that you are with the positive people. Otherwise whatever good qualities you possess you tend to lose if you spend time with the negative people. You become the person with whom you spend time with. To be a leader , be with a leader. Choose your friends wisely.

·    Dependency on Social Media/Gadgets– Stop depending on gadgets or social media for your growth. Enhance your skills so that you are not dependent on anything. You must know your subject and be a specialist in your domain.

I am sure if you follow the do’s and don’t you will yourself feel that good things are coming your way.

Take small steps, these small steps will one day become a BIG step in your life….

Keep Hustling…One step at a time…

Keep Learning Keep Growing Keep Shining…

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