Power of ONE

  • One is the unit (building block) of the positive integers. But it is not a prime
  • If you add 0 with 1, it becomes 10 and if you add more zeros- 00000 then it becomes 100000…Keep putting in more work to get more money in life, Rs 10 or Rs 100000
  • Some people believe that 1 + 1 = 2 while others think that 1+ 1=11. No answer is a wrong answer. It depends on your perception and understanding. Every person is unique
  • One leader can transform people. Do you want to become a follower or a leader in life?
  • One word can make or break a relation
  • One dot can stop you from committing a big mistake
  • One piece of advice can help you save a life
  • One Mentor can make you successful in life
  • One Idea- One Day- One Meeting- One Step- One Person- One Second- can make lo a big change…

What are you waiting for….

One Day or Day One – You Decide

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