Non Verbal Communication

Remember the following points while delivering a Presentation in the Board Room, Meetings, Interview etc

  1. Eye Contact– Don’t look at the ceiling or the floor, instead look at the group you are addressing.
  2. Tone– Speaking in a monotone will not create interest in the audience. To make the presentation effective much depends on the way you deliver.
  3. Posture– You must check your body posture while entering the Interview Room, while delivering your presentation or in a business meeting. Avoid folding your arms and tapping your feet.
  4. Gestures– Never point out instead use your hand to call out someone or requesting some one to share their views.
  5. Appearance– It is not only important to be well groomed but also to make sure that your laptop is ready. Avoid screensavers and backgrounds. Make sure that it looks professional.

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