#4- Always be happy

We learn best in moments of enjoyment”

the founder of Toastmasters International

Ralph C Smedhly

An entrepreneur is a leader for his team and cannot afford to share his losses with his anyone. He has to appear as strong as a pillar no matter what problems he is coping up at his workplace or in his personal life. I am sure you must have read the main advantages of choosing entrepreneurship (shared in the previous issue of Dehradun Streets). An entrepreneur is his own boss, has flexible timings and sky is the limit.

To stay focused on your goals and to give your best it is very important for a person to be happy. No matter how big losses or how worse circumstances are, the entrepreneur cannot quit. A happy person with healthy mind always has a solution. You must respect your own self, love yourself and forgive yourself for all the mistakes or previous decisions. To remain cool and calm, one must eat his favorite food and meet friends often. You must remain with positive people and never wait for anyone to make you happy. It’s only you who has the remote control, just dress up and cheer up. It will not be easy and might take time but keep pushing yourself and stay happy.

Success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success.Everything in life is temporary- good or bad. So be ready to be a better version of yourself.

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Smile…and Keep Rocking…

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