#3- Flexible Schedule

For a person who wants to have a side hustle, entrepreneurship is the best option. You may spend as many hours as you want.

Sometimes we have other priorities in life, this will be a good source of income. Even for the ladies this is the best career option as they can fix their schedule according to their own choice. They can give ample time to their family as well. Being an entrepreneur means that – you are your own boss and sky is the limit. If you want more money then you must be ready to work more. If you are happy with the income that you are earning at present then you should keep following the same routine.

Post lockdown2020 the prices have increased and everybody is looking for more sources of generating income. Many people have become jobless and have no choice but to sit idle. It is not easy for a person to sit without work, especially for those who are workaholic. Each one of us has at least one skill in which we are good, we must explore and share your knowledge with others. Never think that sharing your expertise can be a loss for you. I fact knowledge multiplies when you share.

Make your own schedule , be your own boss and take the first step. Let me know if you need my help as your Success Coach. Do mail at richawow@yahoo.com or WhatsApp at 9837258857. I will be happy to help you in your success journey.



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