Conversation with Coffee…

Q- Please share the recipe of coffee?

Ans- Everyone knows that….The more love you add , more tasty I will be. Think about your love and keep smiling while adding coffee.

Q-So many people are fond of you. I would like to know what are you fond of?

Ans“ I love to be surrounded with people. The youngsters are crazy for me and they care for me wholeheartedly. Most of the time I am surrounded with smiles, love, positivity and happiness. This makes me happy and motivated.

Q- What things irritates you?

Ans- When people compare me with some other coffee. When people think that a name tag makes lots of difference. Educated people are aware that it does not matter whether coffee is in – blue mug, Treo, Corelle, Clay Craft etc. What matters is the ingredient, the taste and not the mug.

Please do not compare me. I also want people to appreciate me. Compliment me.

Q- Who is your favourite?

Ans- Well for me everybody is equal. I love everyone.

Q- Any message for people?

Ans- Be kind. Be empathetic. It is only love and care every body wants . Not gadgets or any thing else. Collect moments…Cherish every moment…..

Best Wishes….

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